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Embarking on a weekend adventure to Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, my family and I sought a tranquil getaway from the demands of everyday life. With a cosy Airbnb serving as our home base, we eagerly set out to explore the scenic beauty of Daylesford. To keep our charging cables organised and eliminate the frustration of tangled cords, we turned to the practicality of the MAGO Organiser. Join us as we share our family journey and discover how this innovative accessory simplified our charging needs while accommodating the needs of our 6-year-old child.


1. Discovering Daylesford's Natural Splendor:

Daylesford welcomed us with its picturesque landscapes and rejuvenating mineral springs. As a family, we relished the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the tranquility of Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens and stroll along the shores of Lake Daylesford. The town's renowned spas and farm-fresh culinary delights added a touch of indulgence to our peaceful retreat.


2. Cosy Airbnb Retreat for the Whole Family:

Our family-friendly Airbnb provided a warm and inviting space for our weekend escape. With ample room for relaxation and shared moments, it became a cherished home away from home. Nestled in Daylesford's embrace, our cosy abode set the stage for an unforgettable family getaway.


3. Tackling Cable Clutter with Smart Magnetic Organiser:

With a child in tow, we understand how quickly charging cables can become tangled and messy. To maintain a sense of order and simplify our charging experience, we discovered the incredible convenience offered by the MAGO Organiser. With its strong magnetic clips, ensured our cables stayed organised and accessible, regardless of our little one's playful antics.


4. Organised Charging Made Easy:

The MAGO Organiser has proven to be incredibly beneficial in meeting our family's charging needs. No longer did we waste time searching the cables from the floor or untangling a web of cords. By attaching the magnetic clip to our Airbnb's bedside table and wall with the Dock, we created a designated charging station that kept our devices powered up and our space clutter-free. It brought a sense of organisation to our family retreat, allowing us to focus on creating lasting memories. 

Our family retreat to Daylesford became an unforgettable experience enriched by the convenience of the smart organisation. The MAGO Organiser eased the stress by eliminating cable chaos and providing a safe and accessible charging solution. It ensured that our devices were always charged and ready for capturing precious moments and keeping us connected. With a clutter-free charging space, we could fully embrace the serenity of Daylesford as a family, creating cherished memories that would last a lifetime.

Embrace the tranquility of family travel and simplify your charging experience with the practicality of the MAGO Organiser during your next getaway. Check out the Magnetic Cable Organiser range here

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