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Copywritting: Jim Hoe / Content: Loke Fong Koh


Covid-19 positive?! In this strange time, not all positive is positive. Many of us went through the gruelling Covid-19 test where a long swab goes into our nostrils (sometimes it felt like it went all the way to our brain). And surely some people around us have either been infected or had close contact with the notorious virus. On top of that, many suffer the economic consequences that come with cities going into lockdown and restricted movement. It is only normal for us to feel anxious and helpless.

However, not all is lost! Here are some of things we can do to stay positive:


1. Make the best use of found time. 

While it remains 24 hours in a day, we may realize that there are more accessible hours when we are no longer stuck in the traffic or scouring our closet for work clothes. This is a unique opportunity to finally work on a home improvement project that has been shelved since forever. Spend quality time with family who otherwise only afforded attention on the weekends. Choices are limitless, bound only by our imagination.



2. Take a break from social media.

Let’s face it, we spend a good amount of time on Facebook, Instagram, etc on a daily basis. Social media has become one of the safest and most convenient ways of staying connected with loved ones. The downside is we are constantly bombarded with grim news and dire warnings. Instead, shun the digital world and work on something we can influence. Your sense of control will come back.



3. Random act of kindness.

There is no better fulfilment than making a difference in others’ lives. A thank you note to your hometown hospital or offer to help an aging neighbour on their groceries. Positivity has a strange way of coming back to the givers, twofold.



4. Celebrate success, one day at a time.

With the vaccine still some time away from reaching every corner of the world, this pandemic can feel like forever (if not already). Instead of letting 2021 slip through amid prolonged uncertainty, let us create our own bubble of joy where we acknowledge something that we achieve every day. Small accomplishments lead to massive success.

Drawn by Ellie Koh (4 years old)

Artwork: Ellie Koh at 4 years old



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