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Magnetic attach + Phone Stand

Compatible with MagSafe, our Phone Stand Wallet effortlessly attaches magnetically to the back of your phone*. Open it up to transform it into a convenient phone stand.

Adjustable angle

Featuring strong magnets and a hinge mechanism, our Phone Stand Wallet allows you to adjust it to any angle you desire. Whether you need it for video playing, video calling, tripod mode, vlogging, or even car mounting, it's got you covered.

Landscape + Standby mode

Turn your phone into landscape mode for a better video playing experience. It's also compatible with Standby mode when your phone is charging. 

4 cards wallet with ID slot

Designed to accommodate modern lifestyles, the wallet stores up to 4 cards, with an ID slot for your identification card or a cherished photo of a loved one.

Record mode

When fully opened, the Hellomaco Phone Stand Wallet elevates your phone higher and more securely, making it perfect for selfies, group photos, and vlogging.


Phone Wallet Surface Mount

We designed a surface mount to hold your phone and wallet together securely to any surface*. This unlocks a myriad of functions and features you never thought possible with your phone.

Magic Stick Pad

The Magic Stick Pad is amazing! It securely attaches the Surface Mount to most surfaces*, providing hands-free video playback for cooking, exercising, and more. With the Hellomaco Phone Stand Wallet, you can adjust the viewing angle to your preference.

Creator mode

You can even attach your phone to surfaces you never thought possible before, unlocking your creativity for recording content or capturing precious moments.

Car mount

Attach the Surface Mount to your car windscreen or dashboard, turning it into a secure phone mount for navigation on your journeys.

Stick to different surfaces

The Magic Sticky Pad works on various surfaces such as timber, glass, steel, and more. It can be removed without leaving any residue, ensuring damage-free removal.

Clean and Reuse

If the Magic Sticky Pad loses its stickiness or gets dirty, simply clean it with water, let it air dry, and reuse it.

Fits your style

The slim profile of the phone stand wallet seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, becoming one sleek unit. It easily fits inside your handbag or small pouch, allowing you to effortlessly switch your phone and wallet between bags. Say goodbye to the hassle of removing cards every time you want to change your handbag to match your style.