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Introducing TRACE

Understanding AirTag's huge potential and its inherent limitations, we designed a specialized bike mount that transforms AirTag into the first-ever bike tracker that actually works.

Borderline Spycraft

By turning AirTag into an (almost) covert device, TRACE keeps your bike as accurately traceable, for as long as possible. The idea is to equip the bike owners with the whereabouts of their lost bike and having the discretion to contact the local authority or confront the thief in a prepared fashion.

Max Detection Range, Max Strength

TRACE is made with glass-filled nylon which gives an unimpeded detection range for AirTag. Our prototype experiment shows AirTag in TRACE can be precisely detected up to 40 meters away with Apple's U1 Precision Finding feature, about the same as a bare AirTag without cover. Besides, other users can still detect your AirTag's Bluetooth 5 signal which is up to 240 meters away, and feedback its latest location to your Find My app. Glass-filled nylon is known for its durability and lightweight. It is incredibly strong compared to ABS or PC material and perfect for rigorous outdoor use.

Rear reflector? AirTag mount? Both!

Doubled as a rear reflector, the AirTag has a high chance of staying undetected with the lost bike for the owner to locate it. Premium 3M reflective stickers are used to provide the best awareness to other road users of your presence. It also blocks the screw from the potential thief's vision.

Silent is Golden

To prevent the AirTag from unwittingly alert the thief, a soundproof foam is added to TRACE. The soundproof foam is a two-pronged approach to muffle the AirTag sound and provide extra protection to AirTag against the elements. From the prototype, we estimated a noise level reduction of 30-35 db using TRACE versus a bare AirTag. It is almost inaudible on the street.

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Mounting on Seatpost

1. Slot AirTag into TRACE with metal side facing outwards. 

2. Install the soundproof foam, apply mild compression around the peripheral for optimum noise reduction.

3. Measure the seatpost diameter to know if you need to include the spacer. TRACE fits seatpost from 25mm to 32mm.

  • For seatpost (round or aerofoil) diameter from 28.5mm to 32mm, you can exclude the spacer. 
  • For seatpost (round or aerofoil) diameter below 28.4mm to 25mm, you will need to slot in the spacer before mounting the TRACE. 

4. Wrap TRACE around seatpost, install the M2 screw provided. Avoid over-tighten the screw.

5. Put on the reflector strip on the rear bracket. Follow the recess on the main body for best fit.

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